Tuesday, September 27, 2011

25 ways to wear scarves | wendy's lookbook

i've got an awesome video to share today!

i started wearing scarves again over the weekend! so i guess it's true... fall is truly here! *wails* i miss summer already so im still going to sneak around in my sundresses, layer them up a little and wear it for as long as i can! but this video is awesome (ain't she adorable?) 
and shows 25 designs in less than 5 mins!! 

p.s. i don't understand how the infinity #1 and the infinity #2 are different. 

p.p.s. my favorite is the boa & the celebrity! what's yours?


  1. The European loop. Fell in love with it after seeing Ellen rock it in her talk show a coupla yrs back. But now, there's a coupla more I gotta add to the list, DIY Infinity & Waterfall (typical BEB style).

  2. @Salz

    i just wore the braided style this evening! :) x european loop's on my to do tomorrow in your honor, babe!xx

  3. omg i was eyeing a bunch of scarves on etsy! maybe this will prompt me to buy them!!!

    btw i gave you an award!! :)


    beecaaauuseeee i lovvvvveeeee youuuuuuu!!!

  4. I saw this a few weeks ago and it's been my inspiration for buying a lot of scarves! She's pretty awesome, having grown up in foster care and all that! I recognize some of the locations where she's taken photos - I think she's pretty close to where I'm living now.

    Anyway I like the braid and the infinity. Bring it on, cold weather!

  5. @punkychewster

    i got it! :) will get on it right away!

    p.s. i've never gotten clothes from etsy, are they any good??

  6. @elyrie

    she is so adorable! I love watching her videos. and i only found her yesterday!!

    p.s. im very very jealous! i wanna live in LA too!!! *hugs*

  7. omg i'm loving this video!! i can't wait to try all the different styles. plus it demystified a few for me. thanks!!!

  8. @Jen :)

    isn't she so cute!? i want her to be out best friend! :)

  9. Awe-some! I can't believe that all these years I've spent wearing my scarves only in european loop, modern, and turtleneck styles when there are so many other ways! I think my favourites are the celebrity, the waterfall, and the decoration. ^_^
    I'll so watch her other videos when I have time! :P

  10. @Élune

    me too! this winter imma change things up a little! :)

  11. i don't get clothes on etsy cos the sizes almost NEVER fit me. and i'm just too lazy to take my measurements. :p


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