Monday, June 27, 2011

maltese mondays..

z: baby!! check out maltese mondays... how cute is it!?
d: aww.. quite cute.
z:  *ah-hah moment* ... maybe i should do a maltese feature every monday. but i was thinking it would feature our musashi.
d: urm honey. in case you have not noticed. its maltese monday EVERYDAY on your blog. 
z: i guess so...

have a lovely cuddley monday!!


  1. @kennytricia

    looks like a glamour shot, huh!? :) its so funny that he looks so serious!

  2. This made what was otherwise destined to be a horrible day, much much better. x

  3. @Generic Jen B

    oh hon! im glad..

    hope your day is better if not hop on over for some muu-cuddles! they work like a charm!!

  4. so adorable!!! Wondering now whether I should start something for my Rusty too. He has so many photos that are worth showing off also. =)

  5. i can't help but laugh at d's response!!!


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