Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the day i got shot down by a 8 yo..

so we had to invite some little people to our wedding. as much as we love them on a regular day, i really feel sorry for children when they're stuck in wedding dinners for 3 whole hours with nothing to do. even i feel bored at 3-hour dinners with nothing to do and no where to run.

but this buncha kids are special. they like REALLY REALLY WANTED TO COME. they have been hounding me for my guestcount (so they can bake brownies for my guests), the colour of my evening dress (so they can CHANGE also when i change outfits) and wanted to peruse the children menu because spagetti is bland but chicken nuggets are the best. tough crowd. but since they are super duper sweet we caved in. and now we have a KIDS only table! :)

i was thinking games, lollipop centerpieces, bunting, fun toys, colouring pens and a little goodie bag to keep them glued to their seats. inspired by martha stewart's children game, i created this!

so how it works is, they have to pick up their instant camera (which i will provide) to take pictures of the following items! quite fun right??

but no, sir, noooo.... when i approached my chief children coordinator, debbie, she promptly announce "jiejie, unless there is a prize to incentivize the children, they won't be motivated to play." seriously! i don't think i understood the concept not to mention that WORD at age 8!! and poo-pooed on my colouring book idea!! seriously, when did kids stop colouring! :( :( :( on the verge of bawling and feeling way uncool, she came to my rescue with ideas of what i could include in goodie bags which include crossword puzzle books, comics, some glow sticks, some origami paper, stickers and candy. all personalized to each child's hobbies and interests. so so well thought of and personal!! i love it!

till today, daniel still chuckles when he thinks of this. me for trying too hard and she for being so darn honest. but im truly floored by her attention to detail and her enthusiasm. kids, nowadays... maybe ain't that bad after all!


  1. Love the i spy idea!
    I only have bubbles to keep the kids entertained!! Gosh, i hope they will stay happy with bubbles for 3hrs... they will wouldn't they? *winks*

  2. I love this idea!! *steals idea for future parties with kids running around* =)

  3. yes please! :) hope you have more agreeable children to work with! my bunch is so hard to please!!!

  4. thought it was brilliant too!! i guess maybe only for our generation! :)
    haha i would definitely be entertained by bubbles for 3 hours! :) :) definitely!

  5. THIS IS FUN! can i pretend to be a kid and go for your wedding pretty please?????????????

  6. hahaha im sure after sitting at that table with them for 15 mins you'll walk out! they are SUPER hyper! :)

  7. haha kids are kids! they wont be 'kids' if they are not hyper!

  8. Man!
    Can i be treated as one of the kids at ur wedding? I can foresee em having more fun than the adults.
    Damn 1985.

  9. Re: Man!
    damn 1985 indeed! :) i wish i were a kids too! no need to do grown up marrying things! :)
    p.s. i need your mailing addy love! email me!

  10. me too. *pout* maybe i should just put this game out for adults. since the kiddos don't appreciate.


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