Thursday, February 11, 2010

wedding stuff: lets eat cake!

wow! i think work has hit an all time low with a client who wants something "extravagant and grand but with no budget". and just to be clear, not no limits in budget but zero budget for theming! haiyar. why like that?

so moving on to more exciting news.. (or distracting news), isn't this hilarious?

and the multicolour actually looks yums!

the first thing we were set on was our cake! as a backgrounder for pals in usa, in singapore, its common practice to cut a dummy wedding cake and have the top tier sent to your hotel suite, meant to be kept for your first anniversary! but there is no way im carting a tier of wedding cake back from melbourne so, we decided to have a real one, cut and share with our guests right there and then! traditionally, people would have a heavy fruit cake but i don't take fruit peels and preserved bits so i can already imagine a glamourous picture of me spitting out the bits after we feed each other...

my really well-researched and enthusiastic mother in law brought me to a cake shop on our first day. we flipped through pictures, described what i had in mind and asked some questions and went home with samples of a few flavours that matched our request - something light, fun and spongey... :)

tadah!! i swear, im just naturally drawn to anything pink!!

so we put on a pot of tea anc tasted each and every one!! we pretended we were uppity wine people, oohing and ahhing over the undertones, the fragrance and the texture. but the result: split votes between bottom left, violent crumbles and bottom right, summer berry. so it was decided, each tier will have a different flavour!! and then we finished all the leftovers cos they were tooo yummy.. *oink oink*

we picked a really simple design. it will be a  teeny weeny tiered white fondant cake with a super slim satin bow on each tier. maybe white swiss dots. she has samples of the ribbon i want. there will be no name plate but maybe a topper if i get round to it!!

so we all trooped back to the cake place the next day and confirmed the cake!! yayyy! can't wait!! hope it would be as yummy on that day!! :)


  1. Yum, the wedding dress really does look yummy. Hehe~

  2. that would be SUPER fun to pull off!!! :) have a real model on the cake table!
    ok.. maybe a little tacky in real life...

  3. i love the idea of a real wedding cake!! ;)


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