Friday, January 8, 2010

japan 09: yoshi & wine's wedding in nagoya

when we visited nagoya for a day trip last march, yoshihito was extremely excited to share with us that he was engaged to this beautiful girl. he was very excited when speaking about her and their wedding. you know? there is just this special spark in a guy's eyes? i find that super endearing.

anyway, we were sure wine was an amazing girl even without meeting her. but boy was she a stunning bride! she is one of the most calm and lovely bride ever! even on her wedding day, amidst the craziness, she recognised us from our pictures and warmly welcomed us before we were formally introduced!! her name is actually wanying but the japanese shortens it to "wine" (like the drink..) and my name becomes something like "jin". kinda funny!

she had a really poofy princessy gown, complete with a tiara and everything! she was absolutely glowing with radiance!

anyway, what makes wine SUPER special is her mastery of languages! she is from ha-er-bin, china so needles to say, her chinese is impeccable. she speaks japanese as a first language and her english is as good as any of us! amazing!!! she was switching in between languages at a snap of finger!! i was floored and a little ashamed of my half-arsed mandarin skills.

daniel sweating over his speech in japanese..

the couple at their head table onlooking the entire ballroom! it must be quite uncomfortable to be sitting on the stage with everyone watching you stuff your face!! (for that reason, we're axeing the "head table" concept at ours.. we're just gonna eat heartily with our friends!!)

in their japanese fineries making their speeches! very big on their dramatic follow on spot, eh!

wine told us the next day the head piece was super heavy!! i especially loved her dangley headpiece on her left side. it was twinkling at me from afar!

dad making his very touching speech! see those lifesize bears in the arms of the mummies? they're super heavy, like the weight of a real-life child! i bet it symbolises something good!

anyway, midway thought dinner, the planner in my brain started working. "hmm... odd! where is the official wedding planning?" i asked him. but he was still fussing over his speech so we left it as that. a few days after the wedding, we got an email from them asking for all the pictures that we have of the wedding because there had been a mess up and no photographer was hired! *gasp* yikes! plus we were too busy running around eating sashimi from their live sushi bar and catching up with cousins that we weren't as diligent with our cameras.. oops.. what a shame!!

babycakes and his muscular cousin.

hello long eyelashes! i got them from misha for $4! they're extremely long and catlike at the tail-end!!

a beautifully wrapped orange chiffon, part of our huge bag of goodies to take home! there was a CD, japanese picture frames, toys and a personal notecard for each guest! thoughtful! :)

us and the couple!

congrats guys! many blissful years ahead with many many beautiful children! we cant wait to see you next year!! :)


  1. very lovely couple!!
    i dont get the connection though between you&daniel and them!!

  2. urm. its complicated.
    they are daniel's host family when he stayed with them in japan. but they're extremely hospitable and included us as part of their real family.. so when we got engaged, they made sure that i called them "dad" and "mum" as well. so all big family!

  3. i see!! so he went for student exchange lah?? so cool!
    then the groom's his host 'brother'??
    i think japanese are all very very hospitable!!

  4. yeah! he went on student exchange twice (hence the kanazawa family and nagoya family) and both family are still super sweet after more than 10 years!! amazing.

  5. WOAH~~ really integrated him into the family!!
    im also very impressed by the bride's language skills!!

  6. yah man! daniel was saying her japanes is not just regular japanese. she speaks in the "formal" proper version too! amazing!!
    she told her parents im chinese so i had to manage a few "ni hao, wo shi sin jia po ren" haiyar.. tres embarassing!

  7. multi-talented!!
    so shes from china's ha-er-bin, does her parents speak japanese too? else how to communicate with the in-laws??
    i know how to say "hello im singapore" in japanese! *grinss*

  8. nope.. thats why she was busy translating the chunks of speeches into chinese for her own parents. she was super!! she even translated her own speech in two languages!
    man! i'd be trying to keep my tears at bay! :)
    do you learn jap too?

  9. wow power!!
    is she working as a translator or something?
    haha you emo gal!
    i did 1 sem in poly and 1 sem in uni. but my jap is SUPER rusty now! my all-time favourite word is OISHII! :D~~

  10. Thats the dress u had on your wedding right? You really look very lovely in it...

  11. she works as liaison with international ambassadors so im sure her multi-lingual skills plays a huge part in her daily work!
    i was extremely impressed and inspired to pick up jap. i know a FEW words now! :)

  12. cool job!
    haha well done! jia you!
    my guy friends (and including klkl) said they know 'honda', 'toyota', 'mitsubishi', etc kind of japanese words. *faint*

  13. hahah!! yes i recycled it!! :) thanks babe..
    i will milk it for its worth for as long as i can squeeze into it!!


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