Monday, June 22, 2009

booboo of the weekend! :)

im so thrilled this monday morning! :) fuelled by a lovely weekend of indulgent meals, quiet time and dancing.

we were part of a 2-day dance workshop at jj's with jamie jesus. and had a ball! it was just the right amount and level of dance classes for us as we have been slacking on the dancefloor for ages. and we love saying "we're going to see jesus tomorrow!" to our friends. seriously though, we thought at some point he would spoilt our fun and introduce himself as "ja-may hay-soos" but no, he is jamie jesus! i love it! :)

and urm, i locked myself out of my home this week in the backyard. how dumb, so i climbed by fence, trudged through the longkang behind and found that i latched myself out of my front door too.. *sigh* and with the parents out of town and all, i was truly stuck. thanks to my neighbours and their spidey-super powers.. we finally got my sorry arse in again..

but other than that, all's good!! and we're properly registered to get married! weehee!!! :)


  1. Yeah to good neighbours!! :p
    hey girl!! I so can't wait to see pictures of your wedding! I am sure it'll be a beautiful one!!! :D

  2. haha i cant wait to see yours!! :)


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