Tuesday, March 10, 2009

our last date in whitebait & kale

couple weeks ago, we thought we found our perfect little ROM spot at whitebait and kale. it was a special place for us as that was where we went on our official first date, it was neat and tucked in a quiet corner and quite fuss free. plus the food is delish and its wheelchair friendly. so we set up a date to dine there again (any excuse to eat out!) and everything was perfect as expected!

so we asked the manager a whole bunch of questions, picked the exact spot where we should sign, in my mind, i already KNEW which flower would go best with their clean lines and blue accents and everything was falling in place.

then we didn't hear from them on monday, and then tuesday crept past. without wanting to sound like a bridezilla, i called the manager on wednesday and asked really nicely where out menu was.. only to find out they were going to close the ENTIRE restaurant as of sunday. that's it. closed until further notice cos the rent went up from $26,000 to $30,000. ah!!!  and their staff all migrated to their other restaurant something and oreo that serves steak at the old-phoenix hotel.. *faint*

*pout* boohoo!! our favorite restaurant has disappeared into thin air!! aww.. back to the wedding drawing board again! 

us at dinner! (before we knew the news of course..)

p.s. yes, fashion faux pas, he is wearing the same shirt as last year. bless his cotton socks, he claims to only have one sexy date shirt! :)


  1. the moment i read your entry abt whitebait, i wanted to say the closing down news was on the papers

  2. hahaahah I would never have noticed that it was the same shirt if you hadnt mentioned! heehe.. but it can be kinda cute thou, have him wear the same shirt every year to that restaurant you guys had your first date! that is if it aint closing down thou... booohooo..
    you guys look picture perrrrrrfect! as usual! :D

  3. i know! its so darn sad and bad timing!! i hope whatever pops up in its place is yummy! :)

  4. thank you. this is before i found out this was the last time we're visiting them!! *pout*
    funny right. *tsk* and he has a MILLION other shirts in varying shades of blue..

  5. Man, sorry to hear about that - it sounded like it really would have been the perfect ROM venue for you guys!

  6. yeah.. we're back to square one!
    p.s. don't you feel ripped off the minute you mention "wedding" to any potential venue? i'm going to tell them "party for 30" from now on!!


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