Tuesday, September 2, 2008

our quest for a wintry white chirstmas

usually quite quick at making decisions, we were stumped over the weekend!

after looking at our ticketing options for Christmas, (Virginia, New York, Boston) we realized that we would only have 11 days on land after taking out long flight duration, my new job commitments and the time 'lost' in time difference & post-vaca laundry.... and to cover three wonderful cities in 11 days is like giving you a camera phone at Niagara Falls! *sigh* 

the good: THE apple store, THE tiffany store, classic new year count down, round the clock shopping, visiting friends, exploring (1) new town, the familarity of the cities.

the bad: the crowd, the price of air tickets (options of air carriers!! out best one in terms of duration is AirChina!), the time constraints...

so we came up with heaps of other options but narrowed down to two others..

option #2  Europe (Vienna, Chamonix, Geneve)
Vienna would be the classic christmas with carols, christmas markets, snow. Chamonix would be beautiful for a short ski trip and we found the cutest ski chalets in the snow capped mountains, Geneve on our way back because Daniel has never been to Switz and is jealous that everyone else has.. My brothers also plan to do the ski leg of this trip so maybe i'll get to see them.

option #3 Canada (VanCouver, Whistler, Seattle)
Canada would be pretty too and will get the same ski fix in Whistler. We can take a drive down to Seattle to shop (and methinks if i get really lucky i may see McDreamy.. *dreams*) and pop by to visit his cousins. i can convince both brothers to fly to Vancouver and my boy cousins too. then it would be a huge family reunion of cousins from all directions!

hmmm how? so many tempting options, so little time!!

so if anyone has any thoughts (or recommendation! or votes!), just holler! 


  1. I know I am not helping.. but they all sound good!!
    is there a major diff in costs in all 3?
    If there is, I think I will opt for the cheapest alternative and do option 1 next year when I've more leave.. Rather use the savings on shopping!

  2. NY's plane tics are the most ex but we have friends so i guess that would save a little on accomodation.. so cost-wise, it would eventually amount to around the same..
    hmmmm.. tough one leh..
    and im not too sure about shopping in vienna! whereas in the states i already mapped out my shopping route!

  3. in that case, just go for option 1! :)
    since it's still going to be 11 days regardless of where you are going..


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