Wednesday, August 20, 2008

melbourne trip: darling harbour, churros & saying bye..

last part of our vacation was spent with friends and family.. very relaxed and low key! (plus i had my cammy lost in the mail so almost no pictures..) in the short few days, we hung out with his friends from the office, had port and wine with david, his best friend and celebrated their impending engagement! (yippeee.. more weddings!). drove around town eating burgers, seeing daniel's little apartment (and cracked window..) and had a tarte au citron taste test at home, all good fun! :) and i also got to spend a goood long day with yishuen..

its lovely to see her lil apartment and walk around running errands with her in the asian grocery markets! its unbelievable what living alone does to you. this young lass could tell me which taro rice balls are the best and boast of all the dishes she can whip up! i was utterly impressed! grown up but in some ways still the same. we tried to visit her fav. gelato palour in the dead of winter only to be sorely disappointed! (pictures, please!?!) but her apartment reminded me of my dorm room in uni! *sigh* so much stuff hanging around!! she had to yell at me to stop tidying her room! just CANT help it!!! *grrr* NEED-TO-CLEAN! its a shame we didn't get to go to vic market together... but im sure we'd get a chance another day! thanks for encouraging me to buy the flowering can! its perfect!!

and of course the wedding! :) it was beautiful. both the bride and groom were glowing and so in love.. i melted into a pool of mush during their excellent speeches!

i lurve place-card at the wedding! the wedding stationery- detailed and exquisite!

and the dancing was so fun! they had a jazz band that played fun music throughout the night!! it was so fun twirling around, makes all the dance classes worth it, i reckon!! and that marked the end of our very short vacation!! nothing more you can ask from this trip, excellent hosts, delish food, well-paced appointments and errands, good mix fun and chillax activities..

but im sure, we'll be back again some day so it was not too sad saying bye to his parents and melbourne! :)


  1. i think the bride hand made herself! i was very impressed cos everything was matchy matchy in the same japanese motif! :)

  2. I love life overseas. It really brings out the "mature" in you.

  3. i agree! :)
    that and culinary skills! i used to only be able to make eggs. scrambled, fried and sunny side up...
    now my edd-cellent repertoire includes eggs florentine, eggs benedict. *sigh*


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