Thursday, July 17, 2008

weehee budget shopping!!

ok. this will sound very silly but Bugis Village is THE BOMB!

last night at a whim, decided to get my nails fixed cos i met this amazingly gorgeous women at the jewellery shop with my bride. and she had the most perfect nails!! but the nail place didn't use my prefered nail polish so i thought i'd pop by and pick out a few colors i like!! turns out that Bugis Vill is a maze and i "got lost" for the rest of the evening..

and in the labyrinth of cheap clothes, crazy pop colored shoes and crazy nail parlours... this was my loot!

(1) comfy swishy pants
(2) OPI nail polishes
(1) set of glammy falsies (felt naked after i removed my eyelashes)
(1) tube of new glue (really cool! its black! )
(1) fitted-i-cannot-wear-to-buffet type of dress in blooo
(1) plastic purse that reads "must buy shoes..."

and the entire shopping spree costes less than $150! tres fun!

its must newest bangkok-style shopping fix! my little MBK in the middle of singapore.. in fact the "new" extension block feels like Siam Square! even the layout was similar! amazing!! ;)


  1. wah so much goodies!! :D do they have lotsa dresses there?? I've been buying many dresses because of my expanding waistline! and i'm in need of more! boohoo

  2. yeah! not all very well made tho.. but cheap enough to wear casually!
    some interesting knick-knacks and cute sights though..

  3. Maybe u should get "lost" more often.. hee hee.. I love Bugis Square. It's my old hangout joint.


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