Thursday, March 27, 2008

night-out at clarke quay..

didn't make it that far in Zouk, first of all, we were very very late for the Cleo Bachelor event! and it was completely jam-packed with peeps half my age! phuture and velvet were still closed which pretty much left us nowhere else to go! *grr* and we were not dressed to the "school gal" theme.. so that left us dressed up (to the wrong theme) with nowhere to go on a Friday evening!

so we decided to explore Clarke Quay area.. i've not been there much since they spuced up the place! hehe.. im quite embarassingly auntie! i was extremely thrilled by The Clinic but everyone else veto-ed that suggestion! ;( We ended up in Cuba LIbre which was great cos they play live music at 9:30pm on Friday evening! heaps of chacha & salsa music so it was great for dancing..

hungry for cuban feast! ;)

chilling over mojitos! and daniel joined us later for some dancing! i love this blurry shot of yoomee learning basic salsa steps from daniel! she was such a natural!! she was on the dancefloor in no time! other than the squishy dance floor and abundance of dodgey expats, i actually quite like that place!! at least its roomier than Union on a friday evening!

how can my lovelies miss out on the famous Singapore Sling! ;)

judy did mention that the one she had was sweeter than the first one she had at International Day back in Switz! haha.. we must have laced it with wayy too much alcohol.. oops! AA alert!

happy troopers at Long Bar, Raffles Hotel, stepping over copius amount of peanuts shells...



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