Thursday, January 10, 2008

all worked-ed out!

i havent written about work ever since i started!

i landed my dream job!!! woohoo! but wedding planning in singapore is certainly eye-opening! impatient as i am, i jumped right into the deep end while still getting to the groove of it all. Need to learn to be less OCD and chill!!

and at the same time, im working on the launch of extraOrdinary weddings, an online wedding resource guide! so, i've been extremely busy with multiple deadlines and meetings but its mostly fun and a surprisingly creative process! sometimes, it feels like im working on a project with a friend! thank god for my boss, elaine, a like-minded comrade like her is indeed a bright spark and true motivation to work with! (and her son, mathieu, is a gem!!)

there are certainly frustrating moments, and days where the bed beckons more than the laptop. and its so hard explaining to people what i do, especially well-meaning relatives that don't really understand the concept of internet, so i brush it off and say 'wedding consultancy'. Also, there are so many little projects that i wished i worked on before i started work because now, im so swamped jumping from one lilypad to another that i have no time to start working on exciting new stuff!! funny how work makes time whizz past!!

but in general, work-life's pretty swell!!

visiting a wedding roadshow with  on saturday.. that'll be super fun too!


  1. goodness.
    u just need to add a 'my' in front of your 'extraordinary wedding' and you'll end up sharing the same name as me.
    need any help? i used to have a list of wedding resources painstakingly put together but my ex-boss had it removed.

  2. yes please!!! woohoo!! you can email me at! and give me more insight to the local market!

  3. dearie where are u working ? :) wow u have ur own online portal. that's awesome!

  4. im working for extraOrdinary weddings! =) i don't own it tho! just working for them! i'll send you an email when we launch!


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