Wednesday, November 14, 2007

the neatest invite i have seen! =)

thanks to shaun & carol!! its partay-time!! 

on a completely separate note, think my oral surgery is causing me more stress than im conciously aware of. this is the second morning im awake at 5am! *gulp* 

please please let me be ok and unswollen by friday. i wanna bachata very very badly.. *pout*


  1. WOW indeed very cool!! it'a already so much fun just by looking at the card! i'm sure the party will be a blast! :D
    Ohh hope your swell subsides soon pretty *hugs*

  2. have not even done the surgery yet!!!... and im worried already! =) hahaha..

  3. LOL!! Well, I'm sure you'll be just fine!! brave girl! ;D


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