Sunday, November 18, 2007

my life is complete...

check out what the postman brought me!! =) woohoo! both my boxes on the same day!!! yippeee...

now im busy initiating my shoes into their new home! *waves! welcome to singapore, babies..*, labelling them, finding boxes... finding it extremely disturbing that my hot pink crystal embellished dancing shoes are missing!! *gasp* did i leave them behind??hmmmm..

and look what it brought him!! *grins* simpson 'duff' beer hat with a beer bottle opener!! so cute!

oh! updates on the wisdom teeth. my swollen cheeks are slowly subsiding! hurray and the pain really ain't that bad. (so all you out there thinking about removing your teeth, its okay to do all 4 at the same time! plus my dental surgeon was fantastic! *thanks madeileine!!) i stop popping painkillers on day 3 and have dealt with it decently well. its the swell that bothers me the most! (looks like i put on 10 kg..) and even so, that didn't quite stop me from shimmy-ing till wee hours of the morning on friday!! i just needed some distraction. otherwise i was checking myself out in the mirror ever so often. it was driving my dogs nuts... woohoo!! and the semi-solid/liquid diet is not working for me. my stommick seems to misinterpret that as a "icecream only" diet.. so no, i have not lost any weight! 

and last night, we explored the duxton hill area and dined at ululu! a swanky new resto nestled comfortable at the edge of duxton hill. lindt's boy is the chef there and naturally we had to go check it out! it was pure bad luck that i couldn't eat and drink so i sat there all sorry sipping iced water, tomato soup and specially made mushroom mac & cheese!! their scallops, beef, oyster, red-wine cavier thingy, pepper biscotti and truffles mashies sure did look yummier!! and didn't even have my camera in tow! seriously, how can??? edwin brought us to check out Universal as well, two doors down the road! i couldn't stop lusting after their phillip starke furniture and gorgeous chandeliers!! *swoon*

that's wayyy more excitement that a gal should have, less than 3 days after her tooth extraction, so im not complaining! =)


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