Wednesday, June 6, 2007

fat canary...

had a lovely dinner last night at fat canary! Their sister restaurant, The Cheese Shoppe is one of my fav deli with heaploads of good european cheeses and pate and bite-lets and the BEST house dressing ever! So good that we sometimes get a tub of dressing to go and make our own sandwiches at home! Every time i pass by the Fat Canary they are brimming with people! so when i found out we had a reservation yesterday, i was super excited and forgot to bring my camera.

My salad was the "Beenleigh" Sheep's Milk Blue with Mountain Cove Orchard Apples, Strawberry, Manakintown Greens, Hazelnuts and Port Wine Vinaigrette! Possibly the best salads i've ever had the mixture of strawberries and water cress with sweet vinaigrette was to die for! i finished every single scrap and moss on my dish! =)  And for entree, i had Pan Seared Sea Scallops with Pancetta, Wild Rice, Cabbage and smoked mushrooms & tomatoes! Another yummy combination but the serving was way too large!! i must go back for desserts another day! it looked really delish but i had to remind myself not to be greedy or end up with a tummyache.

wish i had pictures. cos the food presentation was wonderful and the ambience was simple, not fancyschmauncy but it has a classy comfortable laid back feel. sorta the place you wanna sit and chill for the entire evening !! and we did! sit and watch the people walk by..

ended my lovely evening with a swedish hops-infused (which makes beer!!) massage which left me tingling to the bone. it didn't take more than 5 sec after i hit my pillows to drift into deep heavy sleep!

life cannot get any better..


  1. boo
    hey you.
    the food sounds weird yet finger-lickin good!
    Oh yea. Since u have issues with uploading piccies, why not try
    U can upload ur whole chunk of pics there & get a code to put in ur post to display it.
    U can decorate it too. Chk out my blog & u'd get an idea.

  2. Re: boo
    okok let me go check it out! =)


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