Saturday, April 14, 2007

from the other side..

today, i ate in the Regattas with my kids. (i babysat.)

i had a baby in my arm trying to shove uncooked pizza dough into his mouth, a hyperactive 8 yr old at the pizza bar trying to flip pizza dough in the air, in turn showering everyone in the vicinity of 5 feet sparingly with white flour and a way-too-grown up 11 yr old rolling his eyes at me..

i couldn't say "can i get a check please" fast enough! kids kill the excitement of eating out.

the rest of the evening wasn't too bad. but i was a bad sitter... the baby was super cute. he had hair like this!! poor kid was yelping like a puppy whenever i get my fingers caught in his curls.


  1. Thank you
    Hey Jie..
    Received ur easter card.. Thank you!! Really happy when i saw it in my mail. :)

  2. Re: Thank you
    you're welcome! anytime! *plenty hugs*

  3. Well, don't make any comments about the kid being nappyheaded unless you want to lose your job too ;)

  4. *grins* i think i may get into trouble with letting the underaged watch PG13 first..


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