Sunday, March 11, 2007

'lil bit of sunshine..

when i woke up this morning, the sun was seeping through the blinds and i knew it was a beautiful day. and how else better to celebrate the first signs of spring than a phone call for a last minute babysitting job.

They had me with rolled up jeans in the swim pool, chasing bouncy ball in the game room, scaling walls in the play area and chasing them round the pizza bar.. but i particularly had fun sitting at the marina soaking up some sun, watching the kids make sandcastle. kicked off my shoes and run the flour-y warm sand run through my toes was therapeutic & very comforting.. i felt like if i sat there for a while more, i would start dozing off!!!

we crashed back into the hotel room at 5pm with grubby hands, pizza sauce on our shirts and a mixture of sand and hay in our hair. with 30 mins before mommy daly came back so all four of us jumped into the shower to wash out feet when someone 'accidentally' turned on the WINTER COLD water. *brrr* after all the screams, yelps, accusations & not-so-apologetic sorries, we all flopped on the sofa with dripping wet hair, a bowl of cereal with warm milk and kids central on the tv just in time for mommy  to stroll in to see her kids clean & angelic and the fantabulous babysitter enjoying the one and only quiet moment in the whole afternoon..

julia says "mommy, can zhingy come home with us??"

i was super pooped but half wished she didn't return that soon!!


  1. aw! how adorable!
    u're terrific with kids my dear! i'm terrible with them. they scare me when they cry.

  2. oh no.. im not.
    i just didn't tell you about the part when conner tried to make julia 'fly' and she crashed to the sand.
    and when she took her time on the slide and fell face first into the soil..
    but no scratches & no blood so we're all good! =)


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