Monday, July 31, 2006

moving homes:: ouch.

my whole body is aching from the moving.. we started on friday night and i got all my boxes out of the apartment by saturday morning but came back to help the roomie move her stuff! oh man! that girl owns so much furniture she can probably provide for an entire community in Timbaktu! and sunday was spent on our knees scrubbing every corner in our apartment. i was the official de-bugger, removing the creepy crawlies and the dead bugs.

so we officially moved out of our cosy nook and we are 'homeless' for 2 weeks.

come August 12th is the HUGE move-in! involving one huge kitty, three queen sized beds, 2 sofa sets, lotsa tables, lotsa drawers, lotsa clothes, one jet ski, lotsa shoes, and humongous amount of kitchenware & food!! but i can't wait...

despite having so much to do over the weekend, there was still time for sunday church service at St. Bedes, a subway picnic and a 40 minute dip to soak up the evening sun!!!

i had a fantastic weekend!! :) hope you had a fabulous one too! x


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