Wednesday, June 28, 2006

usa:: a wake up call

i don't believe it has been this long since i updated. i've been clocking in 12 hour days at work and woke up blabbering work nonsense to myself! gosh!!

but i decided to blog today because i've good ready to remember and be thankful. i got into my first minor car boo-boo. i got lost while house-hunting and got into a dead end. decided to take a u turn cos my reversing skills are nothing to be proud of. and dumbly did one on a muddy slope and the moment my car started sliding down, i thought i was going to die. (excuse the drama.. in actual fact i only slid about 5 metres downslope. but with both my brakes fully engaged and the car still sliding back, i felt so helpless.) tried everything i could, and called everyone on my phone list but couldn't get any help cos i hardly knew where i was.. and so i got out of my car in my stilettos and of course of all days i HAD to be wearing white shirt and new shoes.. but all that didnt matter. i walked 5 mins to the nearest house, rapped at the door and asked for towing company. it was a mexican family and they were amazing. they tried to get me to stay dry in the house, called neighbours, pooled together ropes and everyone walked me to my car and help me tug my car outta the mud. oh my gosh. im still shaken after the episode.. eeks..

but its amazing how nice these people were. they got dressed, kneeled on the muddy slopes, fixed the ropes and did all that they could to help me. a total stranger standing at their door. in a heartbeat. its such a blessing to have met them. i must pass this favour on. when someone comes to me for help in the future, i will help them selflessly. promise.

and another note to myself on the road. wake up!


  1. be carefule while driving okie? you are so lucky to have such nice ppl to help you.. take care!!!!!!!

  2. omg that sounded dangerous...z

  3. SOng
    Its amazing you consider that your "first minor car boo-boo".. HAHA
    PS. I wouldn't have bothered trying to pull the car out.

  4. Hey dear! most important is that you are safe and managed to get out of it without a scratch.
    We shd always learn to be thankful of little things in life and always pass on the goodwill that we have recieved onto others.

  5. Re: SOng
    at least i have NEVER scratched the car right in front of a WHOLE family of onlookers!! *grins* plus if i didn't pull the car out... how would i go home in the rain!?!?

  6. whattaDope!
    Silly girl.. Cant believe this kinda things can happen to you. But what luck u got. Meeting these people by conincidence & they begin ur angels.. Lucky lucky.. Imagine if they turned out to be like the Texas Chainsaw massacre. A whole family filled with weirdos waiting to prey on an innocent & cut them up into lil teeny weeny pieces. argh..

  7. Re: whattaDope!
    ewww!!! so sick. babe you are watching too much tv!!


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