Monday, June 5, 2006


think i woke up at the wrong side of the bed cos i feel terrible this morning although i maxed out my 8 hours of rest!!

updates on the new pet: Scotchie is a funny kitty cat or as Marcin says. "you won't call him a kitty cat, he's more like a lion!"  and he was behaving like such a princess, meowing to his little heart's content, scratching at my door cos he wanted to snuggle under my bed. and when i got out this morning. he was eyeing my bed, trying to jump in. how funny!!

maybe its just monday blues!! but its not a busy monday and Chris made pretty cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles on funky colored cupcakes and a really soft fudgie one with peanut butter chip on top in silver fancy cupcake liners. usually that would make my day but after one cupcake, i felt so ill that i even skipped lunch!!

but im excited about a new dish i whipped yesterday when i was real bored at home. Its stir-fry of black fungi mushrooms, fried egg and tomatoes with pepper, soy sauce, rice vinegar and tinge of herbs!! its really yummy, bit sourish and salty and when chilled, makes a great healthy appetizer. that's my dinner for tonight with cold soba noodles. that feel like what the tummy can handle!!


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