Tuesday, February 7, 2006


now that my final major CNY visiting is over, my angpow harvest was substantial, nothing compared to my mysterious friend's whopping $1388 in ONE single red packet, but still it was nice having input into my rapidly depleting savings account!! yippeee!!

and since we are on the topic of angpows, whenever i see married couples without kids giving out red packets, i kinda feel sorry for them. As my cousin graciously puts it, it's the spirit of giving... but in the face of kiddos that scream, run about, yell at siblings, refuse to say hi or shake hands, or worse still kids of people i don't know at all, i doubt i will be feeling very charitable. Either im plain 'ngiao'(stingy) or not very traditional but i think i will take the easier choice and go for a holiday during chinese new year in future!

yesterday, i went back to DES for the first time in a long while but everything was the same! the dancers, the dances, the occasional odd music, the make up, the costumes, the scolding and it totally reinforced my decision to leave. I guess its true that in all things there will be a time to end, no matter how much you enjoy it and will eventually miss it. But standing in a corner as inconspicuous as possible and watching the performance left me nostalgic and cant help but think "hey! that was my position!" and "if i were still dancing i would be doing that now".

so yups, a chapter closed for good.


  1. I know that feeling and experience... totally.. i see people in church do ballet on stage and i'm a bit wistful? then i remember that i can't do it anymore.. I'd be like a hippo trying to be graceful... haha..
    U must keep dancing dear... leave the chapter open for a bit?

  2. i will try yoga la.. or maybe social dancing no more performing at least!


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