Tuesday, December 13, 2005


i just screwed up an internet banking confirmation. *pouts* me and these swiss banks just don't go together..firstly this whole system is really fun cos they send us this little calculator thing which has a passcode in it only activated when you insert a separate card (not the regular atm card..), and a letter to explain the whole authorization process, AND , finally, another pin number that is coming in a separate mail.. confusing huh?? how many passwords do you need!!11 so me being so excited about my new toy that i didn't read properly missing out this realllly important line:

"Do not use your UBS e-banking card until you have received the corresponding UBS e-banking card PIN under separate cover"

so i typed in my pin code for my atm card AND my card got blocked...

only to read the fine print "please note that entering your card PIN incorrecly 3 times in a row will lead to the blockage of yoru UBS card which you have to replace at a cost of 20 Francs" SHUCKS!!!!

neway, im not going to re-activate it cos i don't need e-banking. but im just miffed by myself for being so impatient. *super pouts*


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