Wednesday, September 28, 2016

yayy! :)

looked back into my records to see if i've talked whinged about this.. but i didn't! :) 

guess what! i survived a two week solo parenting stint! and as my lovely friend, who doesn't mince words, put it.. i did it solo. not lesbian parenting with a helper! LOL anyway, no prize here because im sure a billion other people do it everyday!! 

truth is, i really wanted to give it a go. since blake was born, D has been pushing work trips away and whenever there's one, we always choose adventure and hop on a plane and go along! somehow if i must hang with my kid, i mayaswell do it in foreign land and see a new city right? but this time, we had just been to europe, works a bit mental and i thought the no-so-little one needed some grounding (a story for another day) so we passed on air tickets and decided to brave it! 

and we survived. we snuggled in the same bed at night. we were told it's the worst decision but guess what, day one when papa came home, he went back to his own room! yay! :) more sleepovers in future then! there were a few nights he would wake up because the front door rattled. and he thought papa'd come home! poor baby!! but other than that, we managed to pull through! 

mom and bubs WIN!!

its so much easier at this stage. and he really understood when i said "mama needs to be at yoga/work at xx so please get dressed while i fix brekkie". and was a great team mate at keeping the dogs in line. but hooboy we were balancing on a thread. neither of us could fall ill and everything had to run like clockwork. also grateful for friends who hung out with us more to make sure i was sane! 

i guess the most difficult bit was after he goes to bed, i lie in the dark a couple hours before my regular bedtime and wonder... should i go out for a drink? laundry? talk to myself? and typically by then, i'll dozed off from being TOO EFFICIENT all day!

and we were counting down the hours till D came home! and such a massive relief when he walked through the door! anyway, super grateful for the school drop off runs, the help with housechores and walking the doggies. can be done but i would much rather have my trusty partner around!! :) 



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