Tuesday, September 27, 2016

working on halloween...

started working on halloween costume earlier this year because i can already tell its going to be a mad last minute rush! 

the school suggested an "alice in wonderland" theme which is adorable for girlies but for boy.. wadaya do!? that doesn't involve face paint! so i guess we are going as ace of spades! will share pictures when he wears it! :) 

in the meantime, let's address technical issues! ive abandoned my domain www.little-project.com! :) and come back to the original blogspot page. i extended it but it didn't link and i didn't feel like fuddling around with tecnical help call centers so i guess we'll just go back to the basics! maybe it'll encourage me to go back to when i used to blog so much more! :) kinda miss it but.. yup life. 

see you around soon. hopefully more! :) 



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