Thursday, April 28, 2016

in the (actually... gim's) kitchen - png kueh

popped over to G's place last month to learn how to make png kueh.

honestly, i didn't get blessed with any culinary skills! but G on the other hand... so so talented and sweet to organize little cooking sessions so we can learn (and of course EAT!). so we sat around all arvo, chatting and kneading these pretty pink kuehs into shape.

confession... if you ask me to make any of these on my own, i would not be able to!! 

oh AND... it was easy to spot mine. they were doughy and not tasty but decent looking. so typical of me, its all about how it looks never mind about the taste! 

thank you G for having me!! and always feeding us to the brim!! D is very excited whenever i say im hanging with you cos it means that im learning new dishes to experiment at home!!



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