Sunday, April 17, 2016

hakuba - off to ski!

so as mentioned... we were in japan (for blake) to ski! and since we've not met up with my sister in law and blakie's cousins for a while, we thought to get them to meet up on the slopes! worked out great because they brought a tonne of toys and the kids had such a great time just being together! 

but we signed them up for ski class together, dumped them and was on our ski lifts up the mountain within seconds!! lol my poor sister in law, being the responsible adult she is, stayed behind a bit to hang out and watch them but we were off before you could even say sayonara! 

cos... THIS! :) 

this was my favorite run. it was a little further up, a clear run down and was fairly steep so there were not as many beginners/ classes on it. well, i'm also a beginner but i like to slowly feather down the mountain with a bit more space! so this was perfect for me! i think all i did all morning was feather down this one slope until i found my feet!! 

reminder to buy new ski gear! i don't get why some people look particularly chi and i just look like a dumpy teenager! its extremely comfy and it wasn't particularly slow! but i think i started my gear in the wrong colors. maybe too many colors too! 


proof that D was there with me because most of the proper pictures were of blake or me! sorry hon! you were great on the slopes and so fast i couldn't even catch you on video! (also, cold. and also, lazy to whip out my camera!) 

this was blakie after ski class. we signed him up for half day classes because he very much still needed his mid-day nap! so he would ski, take a lunch break in school, stay indoors for a bit until we picked him up. then take him up the mountain for some real skiing. then i could bundle him home for a long nap and wake up fresh in time when D came back from an afternoon session.

i reckon he didn't improve that much from last year! but a whole lot more confident and you could tell that he understood instructions a little better. we were just grateful he still enjoys it and no drama at drop off so we could have a break! 

so proud of you bunny! :) we go back again next year ok!? 


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