Thursday, March 17, 2016

melbourne :: puffing billy day trip

waiting for the puffing billy to arrive! he was super excited until he found out he was meant to stick his foot out of the train. then he got super worried and for the first five minute did not approve of us doing it. 

glad he warmed up eventually!! cos it was so fun! and you get to see so much more hanging out there instead of in the cabin!

grandpa drove the entire way up to meet us at the top with the picnic basket so we won't have so much to lug around! also, it was enough fun one way! would have been a pain (physically) to all the way back by the train!

bit of fun by the lake feeding ducks and running around!

wished we brought our swimmers!!

it would be cute to do the puffing billy train race with blake next time!! we'll see if D can still run then! hah! 



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