Wednesday, March 9, 2016

last trip of the year - melbourne

quite spoilt because we had quite recounting our travels in 2015 and totally discounted melbourne! when actually we always have such a great time there but it doesn't feel like a "trip" because we don't schedule in much when we're back in melbourne. 

first stop off the plane was coffee and to stock up on favorite biccies... love lady mornings like that. then a lot of mucking around the yard. you can totally tell from our luggage bags that its an easy going trip! blake is mostly in home clothes and only a few pairs of shoes! unlike when we pack for tokyo! lol the level of effort is completely different!! 

giving me a ride before i went out on date night! another bonus with melbourne is my mum in law! she clears her schedule to babysit blake and they have so much fun in each other's company exploring parks and libraries and doing everyday things!

after dinner with david! i think we also made a mental note to not visit over christmas next time because most of our friends take time to travel and so we had to meet them before they jet off! would have been so much nicer to be able to catch up at a more leisurely pace!

came home after a night of food and drinks to these two munchkins tucked in bed! kinda the sweetest thing!! blake is so lucky to have his grandparents involved in his life! 



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