Monday, March 14, 2016

berry picking in dandenongs

we definitely wanted to take blakie berry picking! for one, he is a huge fan of berries (we don't get a huge selection back home!) and when i was little, my folks took me! so one of the afternoons, we got to mount dandenongs...

by the time we arrived we saw tonnes of people with beeeeautiful big fruit baskets filled with perfect raspberries and immediately regretted not coming earlier!

there was still a lot of fruit just had to hunt a little! blake was great because he was shorter!! the only thing was the raspberries. he kept thinking they were blackberries when they were just unripe. every picture we had of him had him sneaking some fruit in his mouth. 

evidence. he was definitely the most expensive berry picker around! 

squishy kisses!! we wanted to redo our wedding picture but it was way too hot. and shadowy everywhere!

contemplating whether to eat a not so perfect berry and by now, already exhasuted! 

super happy to find these sour cherry trees! just the week before we already had plump sweet cherries at home so we weren't out to look for cherries but these sour cherries were sooooo good! just the right amount of tart! we were going to save some to make into jam. but i think i might have popped them all while reading magazines that evening! 



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