Friday, January 15, 2016

hello 2016!

DOOOOOOOOOODE! it's been two months since i've logged in! i had to even manually put my password in which i've not done in forever!! 

this is the first proper picture in year 2016, all thanks to a certain little guy who would stay still for pictures (unlike the other two crazy ones). we'd just settled in from a trip back to melbourne. barely caught my breath and set all kinda of new (probably unrealistic) routines in place. but feeling good about the new year so far... let's see! im looking forward to :: 

one - catching up on blog posts here online. 

two - the awesome trips we have lined up this year. 

three - attending my brother's wedding!! 

and not to jinx things but possibly a better and stronger body soon.. maybe! i'll report back when the new year resolution enthusiasm settles!! 

lots of love to you, 2016. be kind!! 



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