Wednesday, December 9, 2015

my "american" brother! :)

one of my favorite thing in NYC was getting to hang out with my brother! its the first time we've visited them since they moved state-side! super excited that we can use him as an excuse for the rest of our lives to visit usa! 

this is him waking up bright and early to support daniel in the nyc marathon! he was surprisingly patient (and has done his own fair share of marathons) so he knew the drill! you basically stand for a looooong time waiting for the person you're support to come round. unless they're SUPER fast, they typically come at a time where they are one of many similarly dressed runners so its a real case of "where's waldo!" and when you finally spot them, you give them high-fives, take picture/video, yell words of encouragement all in a matter of seconds as they run past! LOL then you pick up your gear and RUN for the next spot!!! it took me a while to get used to the drill so i really didn't expect song to want to do it with me! but we had fun people-watching!

then we shopped in between and caught D at the finish and shopped some more! it was so much fun with company!!

you know what they say? about deciding to have a child, it's like deciding to forever have your heart go walking outside your body. even before muu and blake came along, i already knew! my brother will forever be my first loves! and even though sometimes they're so silly, and i feel like i have to protect them all the time... i know i will love them always and look forward to the next time i get to hang out with them again!

such a special boy, this guy! 



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