Monday, December 14, 2015

blake and colette's birthday!

the little pumpkins celebrated their birthdays together! can't quite remember how we decided on it but on hindsight, it really helped to have someone else to split party errands with!

of course there was a cake! dont be fooled, it was just a simple undecorated chocolate cake (requested by blake! he doesn't care how it look, just CHOCOLATE)

and leftover M&Ms in the color theme!! so chucked them into little favor cups!

we discussed a gender neutral theme that they both liked. and coincidentally, school took them to a dr seuss theatre production recently so all we needed to do was to keep up the hype at home, reading dr seuss' tongue twisting rhymes for a couple weeks leading up to the party! 

esther, colette's mummy, coordinated the outfits (which blake loves till today!!) and the gifts for their little pals... (little cushions that turn into blankets for nap time!)

and i did the decor and focussed on making the classroom look less like a classroom! but these two were SO excited just to be with each other i don't think much else mattered.

all completely worth it!!! :) the teachers helped with crowd control and helping distribute the gifts and we got everything wrapped up within the hour! very efficient and fuss free!!

love this pumpkin poo! 

happiest birthday, darling! we love you cheeky face!!! 



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