Friday, November 20, 2015

we've come straight back into a boiling pot of busy business! the kiddo has year end concerts, holiday parties and a bout of viruses in school to dodge. my work's is rounding up and prepping for holiday gifting (with a new exciting collection up our sleeves) and daniel.. well he's got serious grown person work to deal with so this blog has taken a backseat! 

also we are going through a massive overhaul in our picture archiving so until D gets that mammoth task sorted.. im picture-less! in the midst of all that craziness i've been finding it hard to carve a moment to breathe. even in my daily yoga practice, its a huge rush to get there and always somewhere to go to right after. 

safe to say, my yearly aspiration to "slow down" is failing miserably. need to rethink that this year end!! 



  1. yea your daily reminders to self sure are failing... Nehmind, check your phone for reminders from me!!!

    1. hahahah!! indeed! who needs inspiring quotes when you have inspiring friends!!?!? xx


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