Friday, November 13, 2015

we're back!!!

we are back from vacation. and it was a nice long break! the longest we've been away from them! (we snuck in a 3, then a 7 and now the record of 14 days together minus the troops!!) and it was GLORIOUS!! initially apprehensive that we'd bawl our eyes out, watch pity videos and talk about them nonstop. but we surprised ourselves!! and didn't even have any teary video calls (or any at all) while we were away!

don't get me wrong. we did talk about them, what we can do better as parents and as expected, how great we think they are! but it was really nice to also be able to talk about us, to our friends properly, discuss how we'd like to grow next year and other pressing issues like "how would you like to live in XXX?" instead!

and funnily enough, of all the people to give us parenting advice, our airbnb host who goes by the (possibly) fake name bono bene, a rather cool and tall musician who welcomed us into this anthropologie-like, self decorated home on the first day... told us that its important to teach our kid, no matter how young, independence and confidence. while they're with us and while they're away from us! and we found that to be so true!! 

so fuzzy hugs all round! a parenting win for sure!! 



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