Friday, October 9, 2015

Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo

got to pop into the museum of contemporary art in tokyo this time around! its in a rather random neighborhood (which then lead to an epic supermarket shot with so many gems that you'd not find in a downtown supermarket... but i digress...) 

such a beautiful place.

the foyer was gorgeous and blake was in a fabuous mood so we grabbed him and made him take some pictures!

and he was treated to a lovely thomas exhibition later! he was too excited and had no idea what was in store for him. rows and rows of thomas art, original sketches of the cartoon, history of thomas, characters and how they evolved.... and then he turned around the corner and SCREAMED...

like in a shrill super dramatic kinda way. and of course in a roomful of quiet toddlers waiting patiently with nary a peep. we were very apologetic and embarrassed...

a miniature thomas ride! indoors! and we lucked out because the line wasn't too massive so he had a few turns throughout our visit! he was SO PLEASED! saved us a trip to thomasland (cos we've been to kawaguchi and are lazy to trek so far just for thomasland!

lego ride on thomas! the japanese really do merchandise very well! 

and a quiet room with many throw pillows! which was a nice break! 

made a lovely morning activity and definite winner on a rainy morning!!

p.s. thomas exhibition is not permanent so check with the website for details before heading down! 


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  1. love all the pics of you, daniel and blake at the museum! do prints for the house!! so gorge! xxx

    am i the only one to still comment on your blog?? :P stalker much? LOL


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