Tuesday, October 6, 2015

kogai park and playground near hiroo tokyo

like most inner city, its hard to find a good playground. so when we picked to stay in roppongi area, we looked up a few neighborhood parks to explore in between bigger things or while we're waiting for meals. 

kogai park was a lovely space. nothing like the massive sprawling greens you'd expect in Australia but good enough for a little run around. there were climbing obstacle structures, slides and this zipline that babybear enjoyed a lot!

there were a few shady spots for childminders and parents to kick back and have coffee! and a little sandpit in the middle. Kids were playing in it but it looked suspiciously like a dog run so we kept him away from it.

and a lovely old school swing! don't see them around in singapore very much anymore. so that was good fun too!

address:: 3-12-1 nishiazabu, minato-ku, tokyo
closest station: hiroo (7 min walk from exit 3)


  1. You know... you should totally do up a book or dedicated site to Children's playgrounds around the world!

    1. hahhaah im hoping i won't have to be visiting as many playgrounds in years to come!

      surely... the end is near. right!?


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