Thursday, October 15, 2015

happy birthday little guy!!!

and just like that he turns three!! its bizarre how when he was little and my whole life revolved around him, when people talk about their kid, three years old there was always a twang of envy. "wow! how nice it must be to get THERE!" and here we are! and man its so heartbreakingly rewarding and unbelievably darling. he should've just come out as a three year old!! hah!

here are a few things i want to remember about blake at age three ::

one - he has a memory of an elephant. 

two - is a negotiator. hooboy can he negotiate. he's definitely our kid, this child. 

three - is wildly independent.

four - has a process driven thought process.

five - is competitive. call it a competition and he will do his darnest to win it. today, he won a contest in school to be the quietest. and sat with squinty eyes ("if i don't see, i don't talk") and pursed lips for FIFTEEN minutes. he won and was the only boy in the finals. and i had NO ideas he was capable of sitting still at all. 

six - game to try any and everything. ballet, yoga, martial arts, flips.. anything the bigger kids can do, he will try!

seven - obsessed with copenhagen.

eight - has no pocket money but has real savings in his piggy bank. i am very impressed. 

nine - loves ikura 

ten - still the light of our lives. 

we're totally going to rock three, buddy!! love you endlessly, my not so little baby!!!


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  1. Happy birthday Blakie! You are for sure such a fun kid, and I love following your shenanigans on your mommies blog.


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