Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Aoyama Cafe - Blue Bottle Tokyo

we loved the hood we stayed in. it's not in the middle of everything but close enough for us to explore by foot, away from the crowds and perfect for little people to wander around!

on the weekends while daniel wasn't at work, we walked the long way to aoyama! Such a cute little meandering back street journey wandering past schools, cute little izakayas, peeked into little landed houses (must have been pretty pricey real estate!!) and beyond...

and stopped for coffee at blue bottle in aoyama, a stylish little cafe just off the main strip of aoyama! but was pleasantly surprised at the space and aesthetics of the place! 

and daniel who is a fan of japanese drip coffees had a real go at different coffees while i stuck to my usual order!! blake ate a second brekkie of white peach granola and judging from how fast he inhaled it, i guess it was pretty yummy! we didn't get much ourselves because he was THAT fast! then found a snug little corner and played with cars. 

such a nice age of independance and role play. i really appreciate the little bit of time i get to enjoy d's company, browse in stores (without worrying that he will start touching things) and just sit and drink coffee!! a few trips ago when he was littler, i remember standing around and drinking many bottled coffees while rocking him to nap/sleep/whatever... and how things have changed! 

there's hope, guys! if you're in a pickle and simply exhausted... two is a good age!! and i'll report back when im done with age three!! shouldn't  be too bad, i reckon! 



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