Tuesday, September 15, 2015

pompom bedspread love!!!

as i start to dress up blakie's room for a huge birthday surprise (im guessing he won't read by blog yet! so its ok to talk about it behind his back here!), i laugh at how little we've done to our room. from the day we arrived, it has looked exactly the same. in fact, when we first moved in, we thought the bed frame was meh but didn't have time to fix it so we've been using it since!! 

maybe my next project after blake's room should be ours!!!

{from etsy}

and when i do, this pompom bedspread will be ALL MINE!!!

doesn't it look so fun and textured!? and i love everything pompom!! im sure muu will love snuggling up to it too!! 

now only to convince D that pompoms are totes unisex! :)



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