Monday, September 14, 2015


i knew we had to speak after an awkward pause about something as awesome as this!!

and the best part is... it pretty much sums up my deliciously long weekend. if you're not from the hood, its election weekend in singapore and we scored a bonus friday off making it yet another long weekend! 

i did my national duty and traipsed down to the polling booths bright and early (like a good singaporean should..) and cast my votes and then went on to enjoy the weekend with my boys!! got some errands done and a few giggles from the little guy and took it easy. 

the haze situation is not ideal and im starting to feel the effects of it. mostly, because i've not been heeding sensible advice and have been out and about! but nothing a few warm lemon teas and warm foot rubs can't fix!! 

anyway, a huge hello! and hopefully get a little bit more time this week to say hey again! 



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