Tuesday, August 25, 2015

barcelona trippin'

im sure barcelona doesn't come as a new destination for most travellers. known for fabulous parties and gorgeous beaches, its no surprise we chose to meet up with our friends there. they were rounding up their long summer spanish adventures and we flew in to crash their vacation and soak up some vitamin d!

didn't look like it but this was the least clothes we piled on for months! and precisely because we've both been to barcelona back in our days, we didn't feel the need to rush around and tick boxes. in fact, we happily passed the opportunity to see la sagrada familia for an afternoon snack and beers while our friends muscled through the crowds. admiring the architecture from the outside and comparing the progress from years before was good enough for us!! might i add that we had a sleeping toddler in his stroller so nap time is also our down time! 

we made a pit stop at park guell (but unfortunately picked the trekky side of the park to enter.. with a billion steps! lol) that's the exact way i entered the park the last time but this time, it was a little harder work with two toddlers to convince. 

point to note though, for conservation reasons, parts of the park is now tickets with restricted entry! must be the influx of tourist that motivated that move! so it's advisable to book tickets online or bring a picnic like we did while you wait for your turn to enter. blake had the most fun rolling in the sand and chasing after bubbles here!

and theres a sandy playground for them to run around with! so it was a lovely way to spend the afternoon!!

our darling friends who overlook our differences in color scheme (team colorful on left and well.. us on the right!) and love us the way we are!! 

p.s. gelato is the easiest bribe in our books these days! don't judge. he really burnt a billion calories running through barcelona. the grubbiness of his clothes is proof. 



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