Wednesday, July 29, 2015

round up : copenhagen

i've concluded that when its silent around here, life is no good. not necessarily bad but just hectic and crazy.... only when i get a pocket of time to sit with a cup of coffee, pinterest and ponder. and type (mostly nonsense), go through pictures, laugh at my craziness...then life's ok.

well, things calmed down a little. i've got some routine going for B. pared back on a few exhausting errands that "had" to be done and set more manageable expectations. and now, am plonked on my couch with a cuppa! :) woohoo!

a few random pictures from copenhagen that i love. 

we were the happiest in copenhagen! the cycling, the playgrounds and the ease of food just set the mood right for vacation. i wished we didn't travel there on a public holiday weekend (we seem to always pick them!) and wished we knew about the copenhagen marathon (ran right past out apartment. you should've seen D's face!) but it just meant that we absolutely HAVE to come back!

our apartment (on airbnb here!) was brilliant and got loads of kid friendly suggestions from the owners! it's pretty clear to me how denmark nabbed top spot in the happiness scale

and with that, we were off to barcelona - a hot favorite back in the days to hang out with our friends! 



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