Thursday, July 23, 2015

racial harmony day

has it really been a year since THIS!?

this year, my mum bought him a moroccan outfit from her travels and his classmate had a turban he could borrow! so add some eyeliner (thanks auntie E!) and we have a little mustache! 

and we took some pictures before he was off on his merry way! everyone thought he looked indian which was perfect because his class was representing the indians and were making prata and drawing hennas the other kiddos who came visiting their room!! 

and when i picked him up in the arvo, he was drawing some sausages and prata!

such a lucky bunny to be growing up in such diverse cultures! even though at this age, its just good fun for dressing up, i do hope he will get it one day and appreciate the racial diversity in our little land! 



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