Wednesday, July 29, 2015

hurry up.

it was totally my fault but i was in a major rush. whoever thought that ordering one last dessert half hour before swim class needs a hard knock on her head. of course, it would be completely reasonable had we already been sitting in our bathers or already at the pool BUT no. i was a fair bit away from the pool. NOT retrieved or packed our swimming bag. NOT informed anyone we were running late. and to make things worse, NOT picked up the kiddo from school.

so we had all of two minutes to run from school, home, change, dash out, run to the pool and be serious about picking up swim strokes. and of course, this guy didn't get the memo. he took the most leisurely walk ever. and stopped at every pebble and flower and every single piece of trash along the way and told me "it makes me SO mad. someone forgot to throw it away in the rubbish bin." complete with dramatic eye roll.


and we were majorly late to swim class. one day when he is older. im going to get over this need to be the perfect mom and on time (cos i ain't even if i tried) and just say "look.. we're just not going to make it to swim class today. tough luck. let's just go have another dessert."

i dream of that one day!!



  1. Who needs class when you have dessert!!! :P love the pic!! And you moved the furniture around!! Miss you xx


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