Monday, July 20, 2015


this morning, we were woken up but a germy little guy who was embarrassed he was awake before sunrise and hungry. didn't have the heart to be mad at him but he also couldn't settle back to sleep in our bed (because he doesn't sleep with company!) so we were all up and grumpy!

and now that i've sent the boys on their merry way, i feel a tad bit poorly of my morning attitude! martha stewart would have whipped up pancakes on the fly served with a huge smile... ah well. i'll have to strive to do better tomorrow and make up for it this evening!

missing a little adventure in our lives at the mo when our next trip is quite a fair bit away! here's an article i read online that suggests how to switch on vacation mode in everyday life! hope you have a great read. and now to coffee up and kick some serious butt this monday morning!



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