Tuesday, July 14, 2015

copenhagen :: tivoli gardens (and a little rant...)

our apartment was around the corner from tivoli gardens and it was such an iconic place that we had to pop in. even on a rainy day! 

the playground on the tivoli grounds is spectacular! it was truly built for kids of all ages! there were bits that i found challenging and boy did blake have a good time! 

i was crazy about this electronic bunny! kinda like the electronic vacuums that wander around the house with a sensor except with a fluffy tail! and when she got tired, she went back into her palace for a rest!

something bugged me big time this morning. a text message conversation among my oldest friends and as you do when you become a parent you end up discussing children. (sadly enough..) and then this whole annoying finger-pointy thing happened. i'll spare you the ugly details those poor bubbas that are just doing what they know best. and so are moms. but honestly, is it not in the nature of a female, mother and an old friend to be kinder than you'd expect from a stranger, not more critical? anyway, the child in question was not my kid so i was less aggressive than this mamabear is capable of. just be kind. with yourself, with your words, with the ones that love you. and if nothing kind is coming out of your mouth, it's truly okay to keep your thoughts to yourself. 

c'est tout. rant over!


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  1. phew! we were only discussing dognapping today.. jokes aside, sometimes old friends are more critical because we're that much closer. but it also hurts way more xx


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