Thursday, June 4, 2015

exploring chelsea in bloom...

on one of my last "free" days in london, i decided to do something for myself! the day whizzes by when im in the company of blake. his routine is very fixed leaving little wriggle room for leisurely browsing so i cherish his day care days where i can eat and browse at my own pace!! but most of the time, i spend it tinkering away on the computer, household errands and chores! 

ironically, i always get asked why i am so busy despite being a lady of leisure. lol its hard work being leisurely, y'know?! 

so on my lovely "off" day, i intentionally picked activities that rejuvenates the soul!! exploring a new area, a flower show (such an extravagant use of time gallivanting around pretty things!), a matinee, some shopping for ME!

i lucked out that around the vicinity of chelsea flower show, the stores in the area were having a little street art competition - chelsea in bloom! a combination of my favorite things! and the theme for this year was fairytale... so perfect!

loved the mad hatter themes and outrageously indulgent displays!! i spent a lot of time staring at the intricacies of their arrangement and the level of detail that went into it!

and how beautiful the weather was to keep these elaborate set ups fresh and gorgeous for a few days!!  i remember setting up centerpieces and backdrops for weddings and it had to be the LAST thing to do because in one measley hour, it would start looking droopy and sad!! 

my favorite this year was kate spade's quirky flamingo display! i loved the superb use of space and the abundant use of baby's breath!! naturally, i had to send them a vote! (see results here!)

from their website, they ran complimentary walking tours from their visitor center on the hour and i tried to get on one of those. but there was a miscommunication and no tours were going that day. in it's place, a private rickshaw ride! which was even better!! had a tonne of fun just being me and traipsing around london! 

and by the time i headed back home to the boys (thank you, D for doing school run!) i was SO happy and in love and felt rejuvenated!! and definitely one of my favorite days!! 



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