Friday, June 5, 2015

be still.

{from pinterest}

from the time we touched down, i've been in slow motion. maybe it's the muggy heat (which we have confirmed is not just us being pretentious and milking vacay mode. its real, people.) or maybe its being back in our real life. i've been slow. 

which is rather unusual because im usually the high strung multi-tasker who is two steps ahead of myself and always in the fast lane. which got me thinking... part of what was nice about being away is getting to do things you love. you prioritize because time is short. and if it means skipping a kitchy child activity for a slow cup of coffee, we do it. so maybe those rules should apply in everyday lives too. 

this article from cup of jo really spoke to me too! i'll be trying to remember that. 

have a relaxing weekend!


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  1. I was just telling A tonight that you're constantly on the move.. Cannot sit still :) it's nice to hear you want to slow down, if just for a while. Just to be in the moment *hugs*


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