Thursday, May 7, 2015

weekend fun...

last weekend we took b to the discovery center. not really knowing what to expect!

the good thing about being in a suburban town (not even a city!!) is you're a stone throw away from everything!! just a short drive away from home, we rolled up at this massive nature trail surrounding a lake. 

it was threatening to rain but it held up while we were there! such a beautiful breeze while we got coffees, sausage rolls and blake got to feed the swans and ducks (a recent obsession of his).

they were adorable and absolutely not afraid of humans!

our city boy and his animals! we had been warned by my brother not to let him kiss or eat food while feeding animals so always keeping a close eye on this guy!

it also doesn't hurt that the discovery center has an awesome playground. no plasticy gimmicky bits just hours of fun!

such joy!



  1. Look at those gorgeous boots!! Bought a new pair yet?? :P xx


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