Friday, May 15, 2015

perfect apartment in paris from airbnb

since it was a short weekend and we wanted to be in specific neighborhoods (convenient to meet our friends and near the train), it was a no brainer to rent a space from airbnb again!

best decision ever! our apartment from airbnb was absolutely gorgeous! we laughed at how there were a few elements that would look great in our own home too!

the apartment had everything we needed (except towels.. which was a weird one. but we made do!) and nice touches to make our stay very comfy!! there was even an excellent cosy bed for B. and the decor made one feel like home! 

the cute thing about paris home is.. you've on a crazy busy street but the minute you turn into your courtyard, it feels like you're in your own world. and privacy/noise is never an issue!! 

only thing that was less expected (but very parisien...) is the climbing of steps! so if you're arriving with tonnes of bags, i would not recommend it! we thought perhaps that was the real reason why french women are never fat! i mean, after a whole day of walking, add another 4 flights of steps with grocery/baby in arms, sure is a workout!! 

but we were very happy everyday to come home to this beautiful light-filled space!

blake is still talking about "his" home with many steps and wants to go back to stay!! we'd definitely stay in and recommend this parisien apartment any day!! 



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